Error connecting to Linux server with MariaDB from HeidiSQL on Windows

plhmk posted 4 weeks ago in Creating a connection

Hello, I have a server Linux with MariaDB running If i try connecting to server with the HeidiSQL from Windows PC i have the message: Plink terminated, command row was:

C:\Program files(86)\PuTTY\plink.exe -ssh username(at) -pw"xxx" -P 22 -N -L 3307:

and can not connect

Also if i use real server IP adress can not connect With PuTTY i can connect to the server

Thanks, regards

ansgar posted 4 weeks ago

You could try and increase the plink.exe timeout in the "SSH tunnel" tab of the session manager.

plhmk posted 3 weeks ago

Hello, increased at 20 but same error... Thanks, regards

ansgar posted 3 weeks ago

Ok, then what do you get when executing that plink command via cmd.exe?

plhmk posted 3 weeks ago

The command is: plink -ssh pl(AT) -pw "xxx" -P 22 -N -L 3307: Error is: Network error : Connection refused. But with Putty connection is OK to the server

ansgar posted 3 weeks ago

Then plink.exe is somehow unable to establish a connection. You could check the Windows Firewall settings, and probably add an exception for plink.exe there.

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