HeidiSQL is running but not visible

ngb_og posted 3 weeks ago in General

I have been running HeidiSQL Ver. since yesterday. When I start the program, it will appear in the Task Manager, but no user front-end will appear. There is also no startup screen showing the selection of databases to work with. There is no error message.

Does anyone have any idea why this might be?

kapitannwel posted 3 weeks ago

and you don't have some kind of dual monitor setup right?

ngb_og posted 2 weeks ago

Yes, I work with two monitors in parallel. And Heidi.SQL is not displayed on any of the monitors.

kapitannwel posted 2 weeks ago

have you tried using only one monitor (restart to be sure) then launch HeidiSQL again?

ngb_og posted 2 weeks ago

If I only work with the laptop display, Heidi.SQL will be displayed. I immediately updated to verse Now at least the program is started so that I can work with it.

ngb_og posted 2 weeks ago

A pity, I was happy too early. When restarting I get an error message: "exception class: EAccessViolation exception message: Access violation at address 0000000000917E29 in module 'heidisql.exe'. Read of address 000000000000000F. " The file bugreport.txt is attached as an attachment.

But the workaround works: the program starts with only one monitor.

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ansgar posted 2 weeks ago

Oh my god, a new window dimension/screen/position bug. I was just on the way to change the logic for restoring the position, but when testing that I realized that's a really bad idea.

The best you can do is to exit HeidiSQL, start regedit.exe and reset some values to their originals:

  • go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\HeidiSQL
  • delete all values starting with "MainWin", as shown in the attached image
  • restart HeidiSQL and hope to see it
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  • regedit-mainwin

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