sql help not available

gibra's profile image gibra posted 5 years ago in General Permalink


when I'm connected to a MS-SQL Server and try to open the help from menu Help -> SQL help I get the message:

SQL help not available

If I'm connected to MySQL server not problems. How to solve?

-Windows 7 Pro SP1 -MySQL 5.2 CE -MS-SQL Server 2012

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 5 years ago Permalink

That SQL help is a feature of MySQL and MariaDB, which provide server side help texts in a tree structure. Try firing HELP 'CONTENTS'.

gibra's profile image gibra posted 5 years ago Permalink

Thank you per reply.

I expected the guide to be for HeidiSQL. Now I have seen that I must select the item: General help.


FFS's profile image FFS posted 2 months ago Permalink

I think it would be less ambiguous if you renamed it to read "SQL Help (DBMS-provided)" (I hope I got your explanation right and this term is technically correct?)

This would be short enough to fit into the menu, while still pointing the user in the right direction when the command gives no output :-)

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