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Bug: Ctrl + C => V not working

Kcko's profile image Kcko posted 2 months ago in General Permalink


when im trying copy some value from some editor (Notepad, Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text 3 etc) with shortcut CTRL + C and after insert to Heidi to different places (filter table input, filter database input or into any table in some column) its not working, with right button on mouse its working!

is it some bug or some restriction in WIN 10?

Thx for answer.

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 2 months ago Permalink

I recall there was some copy/paste bug which I already solved. Please ensure you use the latest release/build.

Kcko's profile image Kcko posted 1 month ago Permalink

Hi ansgar,

I just installed the last build and it seems to works fine, thank you very much!

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