MSSQL via SSH tunnel

cehser's profile image cehser posted 4 years ago in Feature discussion Permalink

Currently, there is no option to connect to MSSQL via SSH tunnel as there is for MySQL/MariaDB and PostgeSQL. This means I have to run plink.exe manually before connecting to the DB (which is working perfectly btw).

Is there any chance that HeidiSQL offers this option natively?



ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 4 years ago Permalink

I suppose it's not that difficult to implement that, as I recently also did it for PostgreSQL. Never heard that people connect to Microsoft stuff via SSH, that's two worlds somehow :) Feel free to post a feature request in the bugtracker. Is it correct that only TCP/IP connections can be tunneled?

cehser's profile image cehser posted 4 years ago Permalink

Thanks for your quick answer. I created the issue as #921.

I suppose you are right - this only makes sense for TCP/IP conections.

Well, SSH is getting more and more support from MS. However my tunnel endpoint is a linux machine. :) The best alternative for me would be a dedicated VPN which is far more complex to set up than a simple SSH tunnel.

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