"Unknown, should never appear"

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I just created a table and got the message "Unknown, should never appear", followed by "[Untitled]", as the name of the tab. The only thing I can think of is that I was creating the table, wanted to copy paste the ID, inserteddate etc. columns from another table (too lazy to do this myself) so tried to save it first with a name but no columns (got an error) and second with just an INT column called YearJoined. Perhaps it's related to not having a primary key? Anyway, easy enough to avoid in future - just wanted to point it out so it could be fixed.

Kind regards, Clarkey

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Did that happen with the latest build?

And on what server type did that happen?

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Hi @ansgar,

Thanks for coming back to me and apologies for the delay - I never got a notification that you had replied, for some reason.

I am not sure what build it was on but I downloaded it within the week before my post so I imagine it was.

Kind regards, Clarkey

Code modification/commit 36f8d57 from Ansgar Becker <anse@heidisql.com>, 2 years ago, revision 6341
Prefer IdentifierEquals() to compare names of two tables in TDBObject.IsSameAs(), for potentially case insensitive comparison when lower_case_table_names is 1. Fixes "Table x not found in tree" after creating a table with upper case letters on Windows servers. See https://www.heidisql.com/forum.php?t=38150
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I just managed to find the cause for it, and pushed a fix for it. I think the reason for that was that MySQL converts an UpperCase table name to "uppercase", and HeidiSQL could not find the new table in the tree then. The next build takes the "lower_case_table_names" server variable into account when searching the new tree node.

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