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HeidiSQL 12.0 with experimental support for high DPI and Interbase/Firebird connections

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Get it from the download page

3rd party updates:

  • Update SQLite libraries to v3.38.0
  • Update VirtualTrees component source to v7.6.1
  • Update OpenSSL libraries to v1.1.1l (used in PostgreSQL mode)
  • Update libmariadb.dll and plugins to current stable versions

New stuff:

  • Experimental support for high DPI in default Windows theme/style
  • Experimental support for Interbase and Firebird connections (issue #1169)
  • Support for Windows 10's built-in SSH client for tunnels, as an alternative to plink (issue #362)
  • SQL export: add new menu item "Copy mysqldump command line" in "Options"
  • Known function names per server type: function names are now loaded from separated *.ini files, e.g. functions-mariadb.ini
  • Create editor commands for moving line up/down (Alt+Up, Alt+Down, "Edit" menu)
  • Create "copy with tabs to spaces" action, and place it in Edit menu. (#1285)
  • New context menu items "Close query tabs to the right", and "Close all query tabs" (issue #710)
  • New item in context menu of headers in grids and lists, for toggling visibility of all columns per one click (#1360)
  • New grid export format: SQL UPDATEs (issue #125)
  • New grid export format: Jira Textile (issue #1013)
  • Empty-tables-confirmation supports disabling foreign key checks (issue #1491)
  • Support renaming SQLite tables in database tab (#1427)
  • Editor highlights all occurrences of selected word, similar to Notepad++ (issue #670)

Bugfixes and enhancements:

  • Loading an sql file does not activate its tab, e.g. when loading multiple files. Fix crash happening when active tab is not a query tab in such cases.
  • Remove closing PHP tag from export as PHP array
  • Performance enhancement with many opened query tabs
  • Fix some potential file related exceptions in text file import
  • Support filenames with accented chars in text file import dialog (issue #1387)
  • New query tab uses the same memo height as the current tab
  • Session background color now used on query result tabs, and in query gutter (issue #932)
  • Fix various style/theme related crashes, for instance when closing the grid export dialog
  • Reset timezone in SQL exports to zero offset, to be independent from local date/times in TIMESTAMP columns
  • Fix missing SET TIME_ZONE.. on export target server (issue #1457)
  • Single quotes and backslashes in PostgreSQL connection string values are properly escaped now (issue #1417)
  • Prefer SUBSTRING() over SUBSTR() in Postgres mode, to restore Redshift compatibility. (issue #1259)
  • Fix "Table x not found in tree" after creating a table with upper case letters on Windows servers. See
  • Support UINT columns in SQLite mode (issue #1453)
  • Update SynEdit's list with known MySQL keywords, taken from (issue #1437)
  • Run current query: Prefer query left to the current one, if current one contains no text (issue #603)
  • SQL export: don't generate ALTER TABLE..DISABLE/ENABLE KEYS for InnoDB tables
  • Activate auto-suggest option "Find matches in middle of entered text" by default.
  • Don't clear variable from --description cli parameter. (#1295)
  • Quote column names for quick filter, when column name matches an SQL function (#1398)
  • Session manager: Auto-expand session folder when user filter matches a child session
  • Fixes for handling virtual columns (#1210)
  • Add option to turn off tab close by doubleclick/middleclick (#1151)
  • Activate CLIENT_PLUGIN_AUTH_LENENC_CLIENT_DATA option for MySQL/MariaDB, fixing some SSL issues on MySQL 8 (issue #1539)
  • NUL characters in grid values are replaced with a space when editing or copying. Editor gets read-only mode then. (issue #202)
  • Binary values in foreign key pulldown now works with hex code, instead of binary garbage (issue #1540)
  • Enhanced foreground/background colors for matching brace in dark themes. (issue #887)
  • Fix EAbort error when copying text from SynMemo without highlighter
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hey admin how to create the heidi account ı do not pls help.

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Ads were blocked - no problem. But keep in mind that developing HeidiSQL, user support and hosting takes time and money. You may want to send a donation instead.