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PCHome's profile image PCHome posted 2 years ago in General Permalink

Running HeidiSQL in WINE is virtually flawless and thank you for your continued support for those of us who use Linux. However, there is one recurring issue where using the inline editor and backspacing immediately exits the editor. I can use the back arrows, then edit "forward" using the Del button but not with the backspace. The popup editor does not have this issue - it's only on inline editing. Is this a known issue? It's been happening through many versions up to and including the most recent.

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 2 years ago Permalink

Yes the broken backspace in Wine is issue #723. However, the ticket is closed since Wine 6.1 was reported to work around that:

PCHome's profile image PCHome posted 2 years ago Permalink

As far as I can tell, the latest stable WINE is 6.0.3 so it's likely a long way off before 6.1 appears even though 7 has already been announced! WINE is odd that way and I prefer to not use any development software.

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