Material theme: white text on white background in data view

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I have a problem in the data view. If I select a field, it is displayed with white text on an almost white background. This continues throughout the entire program. Any selected text is white on white.

I didn't find any option for it. In my operating system I have a completely different color for selected text.

Build: | OS: Windows 10.0.19045 build 19045 | Language: german

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Yes, that's a known issue with the Material theme. The crux is that this background color was previously darker, causing a different bug described in issue #993. But I think edited text is more important to be readable than link colors on dialog footers.

Code modification/commit 29ccf59 from Ansgar Becker <>, 1 year ago, revision
Revert background color of selected text in Material style to its original, again causing unreadable link text on dialogs described in issue #993. Readability of selected text seems more important to me. See
danstar's profile image danstar posted 1 year ago Permalink

Perfect. with Build it works as expected. Thanks!!

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