SQLLite DLL Does not Appear to Suport ssh Tunelling

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Unlike the MariaDB driver, there does not appear to be any support for connecting to a remote SQLLite database via ssh tunelling (as in using PuTTY's ssh tunelling feature).

  • Any thoughts?


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Cannot seem to edit my post...

For the above a typical scenario would be to have PuTTY establish a TCP/IP tunnel from the "localhost" running HeidiSQL to the actual host that is running SQLLite.

...from HeidiSQL perspective localhost:3306 seems to be the default and unchangeable target parameters.

I figured that PuTTY would intercept the request (as this is how I configured it for testing) coming from HeidiSQL and redirect it to the target host over TCP/IP port 3306.

When I attempt to connect in this fashion, the entire HeidiSQL application crashes

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HeidiSQL uses the sqlite3_open method which supports a filename, not some TCP/IP address. So, no, HeidiSQL does not have any "localhost" parameter for SQLite sessions. Additionally, 3306 is only the default port for MySQL and MariaDB connections, not for the other modes. Again, in SQLite, there is no port used in HeidiSQL.

There is no SSH tunnel support for SQLite in HeidiSQL, which would make no sense if you just open a file, anway if it's a local file or a file on a SMB share.

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Yes...sorry..I was confusing MySQL TCP database connections with SQLLite.

SO SQLLite has no de-facto network-based "database listener" like the bigger database products do.

Found a good article on this: www.sqlite.org/useovernet.html

Thanks for your quick reply.

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