Question regarding dialog for connecting using ssh tunnel

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Regarding this dialog, see attached image.

I've used this dialog for first time,

and didn't succeed to connect,

with same same settings that work fine in "MySql workbench".

After a lot of attempts, trying with various parameters (and nothing worked),

I've noticed that the "ssh executable" combobox/dropdown is has no value,

and then selected "plink.exe" and it worked immediately.

So I have question/suggestion.

Is this supposed to connect, when there's no value ?

Namely selecting "plink.exe" just over-writes an existing default value ? (ssh/plink)

If yes, then for me it didn't work without selecting, maybe there's a log to check ?

If no, then I suggest to disable the "Open" button, till there a selected value in the combo-box,

(and/or any other required values in this dialog).

Thanks for your help,


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Yes, this is definitely not as it should be.

Next build will auto-set the first available one from the dropdown.

Code modification/commit bff590e from Ansgar Becker <>, 12 months ago, revision 6662
Auto-set the first SSH executable from the dropdown when user activates SSH tunnel checkbox. See
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Ok, thank you for your quick reply !

Much appreciated.

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