Map/Layout overview?

CelebDAQ's profile image CelebDAQ posted 1 year ago in General Permalink

I've been a user of Heidisql for years because as we all know, it's basically the best sql editor out there - end of.

I've just been revising documentation for a system I've revisited from years back and realised I needed a table map/overview of the tables and all their relationships.

Is there such a view/screen in Heidi? - I'm not aware of one?

Something that would produce a map of all the tables, with lines connecting matching fields - so you can see at a glance which tables are related to each other without having to read and cross reference field names.


ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 1 year ago Permalink

There is no graphical UML diagram or something like that in HeidiSQL. The only thing you could do is to export the structure of the tables, but that is just SQL code.

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