Using AWS RDS, connect to a MariaDB/HeidiSQL instance in Python

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I can't seem to discover the solution that will make it all make sense for me.

I currently have a live MariaDB database instance running on AWS RDS. Then, after getting MariaDB, my Windows PC also received HeidiSQL and a MySQL/MariaDB terminal.

Using the endpoint and port number, I was able to connect the HeidiSQL client to my AWS RDS and build some databases.


I recently installed Sypder (Anaconda3) on my computer because I am studying Python. I need help connecting my Python file to my HeidiSQL/MariaDB/AWS RDS so I can see the databases I've created. Can someone kindly explain how to do this? On, I'm attempting to save the tables into a pandas dataframe.

I attempted using Spyder's terminal, but it doesn't appear to recognise the command "mysql." Has HeidiSQL developed a custom command?

I would be so grateful for any advice on how to proceed!!

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Well you connect to the MySQL server or MariaDB server. HeidiSQL is a client, not a server, so you cannot connect to it. Your Python script is a client as well.

Using Python, I found some random code on the net which I am pasting here:

# !/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import pymysql

host = ''
user = 'admin'
password = '12345678'
database = 'admin'

connection = pymysql.connect(host, user, password, database)

But as far as I understand, you also need to make the MySQL service available from outside the AWS network.

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