struggling with beginning to learn the software.

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haven't been using it very long. came across 2 issues that i hope are user errors, despite having no idea what could be causing them.

first issue i encountered was that clicking off of an unsaved table and then pressing save on the resulting popup window (asking if i wanted to save) resulted in the program crashing. i decided to avoid this by saving before i clicked off the table.

however, i encountered further issues when several times i attempted pressing t while trying to name a column, which repeatedly resulted in the column's name reverting to the columns name before i tried renaming it

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Hello this is Gulshan Negi Well, I search about it on the Google and I found that for the first issue you mentioned, it's possible that the program crashed due to a bug or an error in the code. If you can consistently reproduce the issue, you could try contacting the software's support team to report the bug and see if they can help you resolve it. In the meantime, saving the table before clicking off of it is a good workaround to avoid losing any unsaved changes. Second issue you mentioned, it's possible that pressing "t" while trying to name a column accidentally triggered a shortcut key or some other command that caused the column's name to revert to its previous name. This could be a user error, but it's also possible that the software has a bug that caused this behavior. If you continue to experience this issue, you could try experimenting with different methods of renaming columns (such as double-clicking on the column header or using a different keyboard shortcut) to see if the issue persists. Thanks

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