Bug report: Reconnection failure after MySql service restarted.

Canye508's profile image Canye508 posted 10 months ago in General Permalink

Hi, my heidi client is keeping running on a Win Server 2019 all the time, my MySql server is set to restart every day. But it's always failure if I try to reconnect the MySql server, unless I restart the heidi client. Please see bug report file in the attachment.

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Code modification/commit 95e9e3e from Ansgar Becker <anse@heidisql.com>, 10 months ago, revision
Attempt to fix crash in TMainForm.SessionConnect when current session is disconnected. See https://www.heidisql.com/forum.php?t=41174
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The report says you clicked a session in the session button's dropdown menu. You can try to just press F5 instead for a reconnect.

Or update to the latest build which I just tried to fix for that crash.

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