individual Showing of decimal fields

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I tried the function datashowing with "local numberformat". I have decimalfields (12,0) and perhaps (10,2). I want to see the some (12,0) without dot (12.123), because the data is perhaps a invoicenumber. Some like money (10,2) I want to see the dot's(12.123,43). But your settings is global.

Is their a chance to set field by field?


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Is there also a chance to show "SPACE" in char-fields? Perhaps like . or _ or special Symbol with different color?

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You can hide trailing zeros by setting "Max decimal zeros" to "0":


But that's as well a global setting. There is no per-field setting for both of these.

Regarding your second question: no, HeidiSQL cannot show single characters in different color in the grids.

You can, however, press F2 two times to start the popup text editor, which will allow syntax highlighting for various programming languages. But I think that's not what you want.

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