Suggestion: Import keys from OpenSSH in Windows

anatol_etc's profile image anatol_etc posted 8 months ago in General Permalink

Dear HeidiSQL Support Team,

I would like to propose the implementation of a feature within HeidiSQL that allows the importation of keys from OpenSSH on Windows. This functionality, already present in Bitvise SSH Client, offers a highly useful and secure method for utilizing SSH keys.

For instance, I personally manage my passwords with KeePassXC, a password manager that not only generates but also securely stores SSH keys. This tool enables users to manually send the keys to OpenSSH (via options like "Add key to SSH agent" and "Remove key from SSH agent"), or alternatively, keys can be added and removed by simply opening and closing the KeePassXC manager.

Keeping keys in files poses security risks; in contrast, storing them within a password manager and transmitting them to the SSH client only when necessary greatly enhances security.

I believe implementing this functionality in HeidiSQL would significantly enhance the security and user experience of the SSH tunnel feature.

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