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I like the Charcoal Dark Slate theme in Heidi, except that in the data export window the progress table is all but unreadable - please see the attached screenshot.

Hardly an imperative-to-fix bug, but If the text colour could be updated that'd be great!

cheers Phil

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Code modification/commit 8507c85 from Ansgar Becker <>, 3 weeks ago, revision 6767
Enhance readability of focused text in result grid using dark styles. TreeOptions.PaintOptions.toGhostedIfUnfocused grays out text otherwise. See
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Well I cannot change the style with its colors, without breaking other thing. That unreadably text only applies for the focused row in the unfocused result grid. I fixed this by auto-focusing the result grid after the user has started the process, which should then look better.

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