How to sort the FK dropdown menu by 'id', not by 'name' ?

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I have a table ('main'), one of whose fields ('staff_id') refers to another table ('staff'). The dropdown menu from the 'staff' table is sorted by the 'staff_name' field, but I prefer it to be sorted by the "id" field. How to do it? Thank you!

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How to change the "...ORDER BY staff_name..." to "...ORDER BY id..." from this query":

SELECTid, LEFT(staff_name, 256) FROMtest2.staffGROUP BYid,staff_nameORDER BYstaff_nameLIMIT 10000;


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HeidiSQL takes the first text/varchar column for sorting, and you cannot change this behaviour.

I am planning to replace that dropdown editor with a dialog supporting features like sorting, filtering and more. See issue #762 for updates.

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