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osapon's profile image osapon posted 3 months ago in General Permalink

I live in Japan. In Japan, donations are prohibited by law and must be sold in exchange for some value. (This "exchange of some value" can be anything that will make the donation request message disappear.)

This application accepts donations via paypal, but I cannot donate from my country because paypal is properly complying with Japanese law. (Donations for this app will show an error screen, but donations for wikipedia and mozilla can be made via paypal, so maybe there is something different in the paypal settings.) It would be nice to have a mechanism to donate via patreon or liberapay.

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 3 months ago Permalink

Well donations are voluntary, and never required.

You may also make a bank transfer, or buy me something from the wishlist.

Alternatively, feel encouraged to send something to people in the Ukraine - they need it more than me.

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