Connection tree view issue

kinitawowi's profile image kinitawowi posted 7 months ago in General Permalink

Before creating github issues for this, I though I'd ask here first..

The primary database tree view is no longer showing any generated entries from the database despite other views having the requisite information.


This started a week or so ago, I suspect a Windows update has caused the problem. Anyone else seeing this?

HeidiSQL Version: Environment: Windows 10 Build 19045

kinitawowi's profile image kinitawowi posted 7 months ago Permalink

Found the issue, due to a discrepancy in some server configurations.

It appears I had at some point clicked on the 'Show Only Favorites' button above the tree. With the Carbon Theme at least, there is no noticeable visual feedback to indicate its in use.

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 7 months ago Permalink

Glad you found the cause. I didn't see it either in your screenshot. Now that you mention it, there is a difference on the button, but only a very slightly different border around the button.


The "Glow" theme is also dark and has a more significant difference between those two button states. The best solution is not to use these styles.

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