Exporting a database to another hangs after a while

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Using HeidiSQL_x64 v12.4.0.6659 on Windows 7 x64 on client side and Debian 10 buster, MySQL Ver 15.1 Distrib 10.4.28-MariaDB on server side.

I try to export a 8.4GiB local database to another local database, but hangs after a while. When setting inserting 5000 rows as option it seems always hangs. When setting inserting 1000 rows as option it seems sometimes the export finishes without error, sometimes hangs.

Earlier I use HeidiSQL 11.x and always worked without problems, never failed.

Sometimes after hours of hanging, it stops with errors like: / SQL Error (2013): Lost connection to server during query / or / SQL Error (1231): Variable 'sql_notes' can t be set to the value of '1' /

Is it possible, that it is a bug?

I found similar reports on this forum, some were libmysql.dll bug.

Any idea, what is wrong? Should I go back to HeidiSQL v11.x?

Thanks, Konrad Lorinczi

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Do not worry too much if it just hangs, in which case HeidiSQL is busy with the export, without refreshing the GUI.

Errors like those you meantioned are a sign you probably should create the dump using other tools, like mysqldump. Creating such large exports always has its risk of losing a connection.

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Hi Ansgar,

Thank you for your answer!

Yes, I was thinking about using mysqldump, but before I do, I was thinking about changing MySQL server settings.

Original settings:
# Default 2024-01-20: 
2024-01-21 Change1 (session & global):

I plan to increase these values one by one, hoping that I find the one which times out.

Which one do you recommend increasing and what are the suggested values?


Konrad Lorinczi

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