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Hallo, I have MYSQL 8.0.34 installed. Under users I see the user root. root has 2 entries global rights with different content. Does anyone know why? Ich habe MYSQL 8.0.34 installiert. Unter Benutzer sehe ich den Benutzer root. root hat 2 Einträge globale Rechte mit unterschiedlichem Inhalt. Weiß jemand warum?

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Wolf, I have multiple database users with different sets of permissions. That way certain commands aren't even available for non-administrative loads if someone does find a way to hack in. However in my scenario I see "Global privileges" and table privileges.

If you have two global privileges listed my best guess is that somehow the database configuration got messed up. Create a new user and recreate the settings (without, obviously, importing the privileges from this bugged user). I mean you could try to import though you might get the same results. Sometimes something that isn't guarded against in one place is guarded against in another.

I'm far from a database master so there is a chance that there is a legitimate reason. Though I'd just manually recreate the user and try to determine what caused it and resolve whatever bug caused it. I don't have anything more useful to contribute beyond that. Good luck!

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