Bug: "CREATE code" puts CURRENT_TIMESTAMP after DEFAULT in quotes

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in the "CREATE code" output CURRENT_TIMESTAMP is put in quotes after DEFAULT but (correctly) not after ON UPDATE (see below).

The quotes are wrong and that statement doesn't work. Therefore copying a table with this doesn't work either.


If I use the CREATE TABLE command of MySQL it works fine:


Would be nice, if you could fix this in one of the next releases.

Thanks & best regards


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Thanks for the hint with default/update. I am aware of the issue, and will fix this very soon.

freejay's profile image freejay posted 1 week ago Permalink


Additional info:

This also leads to problems when you create a new table column with type TIMESTAMP. Then:

leads to

and also can't be saved:

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 5 days ago Permalink

Should be fixed in the next build, available in one hour.

See official ticket #1910 for more details.

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