HeidiSQL 12.7 with support for descending indexes, filter boxes in table tools, JSONL export, and more

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3rd party updates:

New stuff:

  • Issue #1879: add drop down menu to "Apply filter" button, with an option to overwrite the current filter based on the different input text
  • Issue #1512: add basic support for indexes with descending column direction
  • Issue #1429: add "SQL INSERT IGNORE" output format to grid export dialog
  • Issue #178: add database and table filter boxes above tree view on table tools dialog
  • Issue #1917: Support additional UCA collations introduced in MariaDB 10.10.1.
  • Issue #1927: display column comments in completion proposal, give that third column more space to the left and italic style
  • Table editor: when user runs into the cryptic "constraint is incorrectly formed" message, append a more meaningful line from SHOW ENGINE INNODB STATUS.
  • Support naming result tabs per "-- name: xyz" comment. See https://www.heidisql.com/forum.php?t=10493
  • Reorder components in grid export dialog, and convert format radio buttons to combobox. Makes the dialog more wide than high, creating space for wider labels and more format options.
  • Issue #1930: Grid export: implement JSON Lines format.
  • Issue #139: Alternating row background colors in table columns list and most other main tabs, if activated by user.

Bugfixes and enhancements:

  • Enhance readability of focused text in result grid using dark styles. TreeOptions.PaintOptions.toGhostedIfUnfocused grays out text otherwise.
  • Fix crash in SynCompletionProposalChange, happening when scrolling very fast to the top of the list
  • Fix crash in f_() function with invalid format specifiers from some translation. Happened in Japanese recently.
  • Issue #1870: support VARCHAR columns with a length of 0, in temporary fake tables for exporting views
  • Detect Windows 11 in about dialog, and remove functions only required for the no longer supported Windows Store version
  • Fix activated SSH tunnel for a network type which does not support that, after changing the network type from an explicit SSH-tunnel-type to a TCP/IP version.
  • Search replace: ignore numbers in static row id column
  • Installer: add newly available translations for Hungarian and Bulgarian
  • Add item in Tools main menu for resetting panels to their default dimensions. Useful for quite a few people who move their app window between screens with different resolutions.
  • Static row id: always use the color of the session the result belongs to
  • Performance: call TimerHostUptimeTimer event every 20 seconds only, instead of each second
  • SQL export dialog: cut long file list down to 20 latest items
  • Issue #520: Fix crash in sort columns dialog when removing the last column, with a non-default theme
  • After reformatting SQL code, unify new lines to Windows line feeds, so the selection's end in SynMemo is correct
  • Fix retrieving MySQL events from the current database on older servers, work around MySQL bug 41907. See https://bugs.mysql.com/bug.php?id=41907#c360194
  • Make pressed state of favorites button more noticeable, by using the gray-scale icon in unpressed state
  • Fix emptied "SHOW WARNINGS" pool due to queried @max_error_count in warning dialog. See https://www.heidisql.com/forum.php?t=41753
  • Issue #1899: fix wrong column number on column selector above data grid
  • Issue #1906: provide a new preference option to turn on color icons on inactive tabs again
  • Issue #1910: Fix CURRENT_TIMESTAMP default text detection as an expression, not as an ordinary string literal, on MySQL 8.0.14+.
  • Issue #1887: restore old scroll offset in data grid, when refreshing result or paging to the next rows
  • Issue #1918: Remove leading timestamp from log message when copying to new query tab.
  • Host tab: use session name as tab caption, and show host name as mouse-over hint. See https://www.heidisql.com/forum.php?t=41399
  • Hopefully fix slow loading tabs.
  • Issue #1923: Fix completion proposal not showing columns of a table alias when table name contains the word "join".
  • Issue #355: Fix non-working scrolling with a horizontal mouse wheel in grids, by preferring TWMScroll.Pos over TScrollInfo.nTrackPos (always 0).
  • Add functions-mysql8.ini with some newer functions in it, and search for version specific ini file when connecting. See https://www.heidisql.com/forum.php?t=41892
  • Fix too small foreign columns dropdown, scale controls on TSetEditorLink DPI aware
  • Issue #1247: Fix invalid SQL code for dropping foreign key constraint in PostgreSQL mode.
  • Issue #1586: include "COLLATE xyz" clause when applying collation and user checked the "Convert data" option, so the columns do not get the default collation of the new charset
  • Issue #1934: fix empty column list in completion proposal when user input starts with a quote character
  • Issue #1933: Update list with known MySQL 8 keywords, taken from https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/8.0/en/keywords.html#keywords-in-current-series
  • Issue #1939: Fix empty CREATE TABLE code and "List index out of bounds" message in log, due to accessing TTableKey.Collations[x] without being initialized
  • Issue #321: Fix SQL code in TTableKey.SQLCode for PostgreSQL
  • Issue #1940: In TSecureShellCmd.Connect, include parallel happened errors in any success dialog. Also, log errors to the log panel when both pipes have content.
  • Issue #1942: Reset FClipboardHasNull marker before pasting text which was copied outside the application.
  • Issue #1943: Set DbTree.DefaultNodeHeight in FormShow rather than in FormCreate, to respect DPI settings.
  • Issue #1931: Support CITEXT columns in Postgres and categorize as text type, so these show up in foreign values pulldown editor of data grid.
  • Issue #1868: Reset sort order of data tab grid as well, when user clicks "Clear data tab filter".
  • Issue #1936: Fix EAbstractError when closing text editor
  • Issue #1947: don't change case of detected column names, in CSV parser

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