HeidiSQL 5.0 stable released

ansgar posted 9 years ago in Anouncements
One year after the last stable release, v5.0 is now ready to use.

Changes between v5.0 beta and v5.0 stable:
* New feature: SSL options in session manager
* New feature: Startup script file in session manager
* New feature: Quick filter with "More values" auto fetches distinct cell values from table
* New feature: SQL export to clipboard
* New feature: Rewritten search and replace dialog, supporting regular expressions now
* Enhancement: Custom row height in result grids
* Enhancement: Implementing stuff for portable into main exe, so there is no need for a launcher any longer
* Many bugs (approximately 50) fixed

Changes between v4.0 and v5.0 beta:
* Completely rewritten, homebrown database communication layer, supporting Unicode from the very beginning
* Rewritten table editor, now supporting foreign keys and drag'n drop editing
* Rewritten SQL exporter: Removed useless options, dramatically improved performance and added support for views, procedures and triggers
* New feature: Multiple query tabs
* New feature: Create and edit trigger with a new trigger editor
* More native Windows 7 / Aero style support
* Maintenance dialog rewritten, introducing some new options
* New feature: Find text on server, search any group of tables/views for specific text
* Rewritten session manager, including statistics counters
* New feature: Filter list of tables, grid results or variables list
* New feature: "Reformat SQL"
* New feature: Global option to view BLOBs as text in grids
* New feature: "Bulk table editor"
* Rewritten command line parameter parser. Now supports opening multiple files in tabs.
* Many (approximately 300) bugs fixed

A complete changelog can be found here.

Download your copy here
computerartsde posted 9 years ago
Fantastic! Looks very nice! smile
fernando posted 9 years ago
The sorting by kind of database objects and then by name, in navigation tree, an interesting feature in beta version that not been implemented in the release version.
ansgar posted 9 years ago
Oh, two level sorting of database objects in the tree was an accidental bug, not a feature. See issue #1799.
ansgar posted 9 years ago
fernando, the new "Database" tab in "Host" is definitely something for you if you like to sort databases by name, size, item count or whatever.

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