Works on XP, not on Vista

simon_uk posted 7 years ago in Creating a connection

I have a laptop running XP and a PC running Vista Home Premium SP2. Both are on the same network, connecting to the net through the same router.

I have entered exactly the same connection details into HeidiSQL on both computers. The XP one connects fine, but the Vista one says "SQL Error (2003): Can't connect to MySQL server on 'localhost' (10061)".

Do you have any idea why this might be?

Many thanks
kalvaro posted 7 years ago
localhost is a synonym for this computer. Your description implies that you have installed MySQL Server in both computers and you have created the same user with the same password in both servers. Is that the case?
simon_uk posted 7 years ago
No, I'm connecting to a remote Unix server via SSH tunnel.

In fact, I've now tried connecting to two different remote servers, and get the same problem with both - I can connect from the XP machine, but not from the Vista one.
ansgar posted 7 years ago
Obviously there is something different on both machines. Looks like this is not a privilege issue, but some problem between the Vista pc and the server. Probably the router allows only connecting from the XP computers IP address?
simon_uk posted 7 years ago
The Vista machine can connect successully to both servers via Putty & WinSCP, but not from HeidiSQL.

It's a mystery...!

The Vista machine is my main work computer, so I'd love to solve this. Are there any other things connected with HeidiSQL I can look into - registry, DLLs, settings, etc.?

ansgar posted 7 years ago
SSH and MySQL use different ports, so maybe port 3306 is blocked?

Do you have the right libmysql.dll in the place where heidisql.exe is located? Have heard from various users which placed their .exe into some random temp folder.
simon_uk posted 7 years ago
I installed HeidiSQL to C:/Program Files (x86)/HeidiSQL, the heidisql.exe file is in there, as is libmysql.dll (and also plink.exe).

Both computers connect to the internet via the same router, so I don't tihnk it can be a closed port problem.
simon_uk posted 7 years ago
Interesting - I've just tried with a different SSH/SQL client and it connects fine, so it does seem to be a Heidi issue.

The other client is not open source though, so I'd much prefer to use Heidi if I can...
ansgar posted 7 years ago
I still have a gutt feeling you have set your HeidiSQL session on Vista to use SSH tunneling, as the error message tells me you're connecting to localhost:
Can't connect to MySQL server on 'localhost'

If not - just to make sure 4 eyes see more than 2 - could you post screenshots of both session settings?
simon_uk posted 7 years ago
Yes, that's right, I am trying to connect via SSH tunnel (see 2nd message above).

ansgar posted 7 years ago
Is there an additional MySQL server installed on the Vista machine?
simon_uk posted 7 years ago
I do use XAMPP on there sometimes, but it's not currently running
simon_uk posted 7 years ago
Can I safely delete all entries in the Windows registry relating to HeidiSQL (using regedit)? e.g. hkey_current_user->software->heidisql

I'd like to try removing all traces of it then reinstall again.
ansgar posted 7 years ago
Yes, just remove or rename the HeidiSQL folder and restart HeidiSQL. No need to reinstall btw.
wouter_van_nifterick posted 7 years ago
Try to telnet to your database server "manually" to verify that your network is set up properly.

From a console, type:

telnet localhost <PORT>

where <PORT> is the port that you're asking HeidiSQL to connect to.

* If that works (somehow I doubt it will), it's a HeidiSQL problem, and you should provide some more details.
* If it doesn't work, check your firewall settings, or doublecheck your tunnel setup.

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