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[EN] HeidiSQL on Kubuntu 8.04 KDE4 Remix - Hard Heron

netinho's profile image netinho posted 11 years ago in Installation Permalink
I am going to keep this simple, since the steps are supported by screenshots.

Minimum Requirements

Kubuntu 8.04 KDE4 Remix - Hard Heron


1. Click on the KDE "start" button;

2. Select the option Applications and then select System

3. Select Manage Packages

4. Select the Adept Manager program, on its toolbar, click on Fetch Updates button, to update the repository list. Close the Adept manager application;

5. Click on KDE "start" button;

6. Select Applications and then select Add/Remove Programs/KDE3

7. In the Adept Installer program, enter wine in the Search field. Select Office in the category list on the left and check the Wine Windows Emulator application on the right. Then select the category Settings and check Windows Applications (Wine Configuration);

8. Click Apply Changes and Wine will start its installation. After it's complete, close the Adept Installer application;

9. Click on KDE "start" button;

10. Select Applications and the select Lost & Found;

11. On the Lost & Found menu, select Configure Wine;

12. In the Wine configuration program, click on About tab and verify if the version is 0.9.59 or greater. This is necessary the first time to create the necessary dependencies for HeidiSQL. Close Wine configuration application;

13. Go to section Downloads and download the latest version of HeidiSQL Windows installer;

14. When the download is complete, make sure the installer.exe is marked as executeable by accesssing kde file properties or using chmod at the command line;

15. Run the HeidiSQL installation program and follow the prompts;

16. When the installation is complete you can run HeidiSQL!

17. To access the program again, click on KDE "start" button;

18. Select the Applications and then select Lost & Found;

19. Click the HeidiSQL menu item;

20. Good Luck!

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