mrforsythexeter posted 8 years ago in Feature discussion
I notice CTRL+Z works for undo in the Query, even though your shortcut is ALT+BckSpace. Is CTRL+Y (redo) disabled, or just not easy to turn on.
kelye posted 8 years ago

And what's the intended behavior of CTRL + W ?
Usually it closes the tab, in Heidi just clears the tab.
ansgar posted 8 years ago
Ctrl+W clears a tab. If it's not the first, static tab, the tab is also closed.

Shortcuts can be customized in Tools > Preferences > Shortcuts.
kelye posted 8 years ago
well... then in there is a bug... no tabs are closed, only flushed

if someone can confirm this i will submit a bug report
ansgar posted 8 years ago
Oh sorry, I mixed it up - Ctrl+W never closes any tab. Double click on a tab does that. This is intentionally, not some bug.
kelye posted 8 years ago
a lot of applications close the tab on Ctrl+W ... maybe a poll on that behavior ? :)

And i found the shortcut for 'undo' but nothing on 'redo'
pionect posted 5 years ago
I'm also missing CTRL - Y for redo.
In most programs this redoes the last action and in HeidiSQL it seems to delete a single line.
ansgar posted 5 years ago
You can watch out and edit shortcuts for HeidiSQL's query editors, in Tools > Preferences > Shortcuts > "SQL editing"
pionect posted 5 years ago
Thanks a lot!
Revolt posted 5 years ago
I get an error saying that CTRL+Y is already used, but it isn't! Why are the shortcuts SO messed up?
m.lohse posted 4 years ago
I could set "redo" to CTRL+Y but I did not get a message that this shortcut is already used for "delete line". So CTRL+Y still deleted the line and didn't redo. When I change "delete line" to another shortcut of course it works but at the moment the check if shortcut is already set doesn't seem to work.
pionect posted 4 years ago

It still wasn't able to change the shortcuts.
I just noticed that 'Redo' is twice in the list with shortcuts.
Could that be the issue?
cduprez posted 4 years ago

I am facing the same problem trying to customize "Upper Case Block" with Ctrl+U shortcut and "Lower Case Block" with Ctrl+Shift+U shortcut.
I get a message saying that the shortcut SynEdit "Ctrl+U" to ecUpperCaseBlock is not possible because shortcut already exists.
I looked at every shortcut and Ctrl+U is not used.

What can I do to customize theses shortcuts ?

humbads posted 2 years ago

Here is how I got Ctrl+Y keyboard shortcut for HeidiSQL mapped to Undo.

  1. Go to Tools > Preferences > Shortcuts > SQL Editing
  2. Select the first "Undo" command and click in the "Shortcut" box. Press "Ctrl" twice, and it will change to "(None)".
  3. Do the same with the first "Redo" command.
  4. Go to the second "Undo" command and set the Shortcut to "Ctrl+Z"
  5. Go to the second "Redo" command set the Shortcut to "Ctrl+Y"
  6. Click "Apply" button

You should not see any errors in the message log, like "Could not apply SynEdit keystroke shortcut "Ctrl+Y" (or secondary: "") to ecRedo. Shortcut already exists.".

Go to a query window and test.

Enjoy! Shailesh

humbads posted 2 years ago

BTW, Ctrl+Y by default is mapped to "Delete Line"! Map that to "Ctrl+Shift+Del" instead, just like my favorite text editor, Textpad.

yodalearn13 posted 7 months ago




Both works same but it all depend on the application or the software which shortcut work there.

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