hotkeys in jheidi java

joesp posted 9 years ago in jHeidi (discontinued)
is there a hotkey (like F2 or something)
to run the SQL command
which I've typed in the SQL query pane
for jheidi (the java version)
otherwise gotta run the mouse up to the right corner of my large screen
I'm used to hitting enter to run the query

thanks ~~~

working great~~~~~
servertude posted 9 years ago
I dont see why not. 'Enter' sounds like a good idea as well. Thanks!
javie007 posted 7 years ago
in mysql front
the hotkey is F9
ansgar posted 7 years ago
No clue, I just wonder it's not F9, as jHeidi was a clone of HeidiSQL so far. Anyway, unfortunately the developer does not support jHeidi any longer so you might not get a reply here.

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