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We're sorry, jHeidi has been discontinued.

Topic Replies Category Author Date
HeidiSQL report a error when starting 0 jHeidi (discontinued) skatexg's profile image skatexg (2) 3 years ago
Heidisql do not run 0 jHeidi (discontinued) skatexg's profile image skatexg (2) 6 years ago
Where is jHeidi's source code? 3 jHeidi (discontinued) jamesni's profile image jamesni (2) 9 years ago
jHeidi? 1 jHeidi (discontinued) PatrikB1985's profile image PatrikB1985 (1) 9 years ago
hotkeys in jheidi java 3 jHeidi (discontinued) joesp's profile image joesp (2) 9 years ago
Foreign Key + jHeidi version 4 jHeidi (discontinued) robertnzana's profile image robertnzana (5) 10 years ago
iPhone app not available on the app store 2 jHeidi (discontinued) tsm26's profile image tsm26 (1) 10 years ago
Installing jHeidi on Ubuntu 2 jHeidi (discontinued) quadrantids's profile image quadrantids (1) 10 years ago
iPhone jHeidi after last update 0 jHeidi (discontinued) dvr077's profile image dvr077 (1) 10 years ago
Problems running jHeidi on Mac OS X 3 jHeidi (discontinued) adrians's profile image adrians (1) 10 years ago
Unable to change data in cells 2 jHeidi (discontinued) iberimage's profile image iberimage (1) 10 years ago
General trouble with jHeidi 2 jHeidi (discontinued) njmattes's profile image njmattes (3) 10 years ago
jHeidi has ugly GUI issues on Snow Leopard 0 jHeidi (discontinued) servertude's profile image servertude (39) 10 years ago
Installing on Mac OS 10.5.7 3 jHeidi (discontinued) Gruvsjo's profile image Gruvsjo (2) 10 years ago
jHeidi for iPhone - How it works? 1 jHeidi (discontinued) asardella's profile image asardella (1) 10 years ago
jHeidi for iPhone Oracle sql*net connection 3 jHeidi (discontinued) zihiah's profile image zihiah (2) 11 years ago
Errors in conversion of date (and time) data 1 jHeidi (discontinued) claud108's profile image claud108 (1) 11 years ago
jheidi - no database tree in left pane 7 jHeidi (discontinued) Jacques's profile image Jacques (8) 11 years ago
jHeidi 5 in Ubuntu Linux 8 jHeidi (discontinued) TRiG_Ireland's profile image TRiG_Ireland (4) 11 years ago
Alpha3 Update 5 Now available as full download. 2 jHeidi (discontinued) servertude's profile image servertude (39) 11 years ago
AutoUpdate JRE issues 0 jHeidi (discontinued) servertude's profile image servertude (39) 11 years ago
Doesn't start under MacOS 11 jHeidi (discontinued) julian's profile image julian (3) 11 years ago
Looking forward to jHeidi 2 jHeidi (discontinued) darren's profile image darren (1) 11 years ago
I've found 2 (very annoying) bugs 1 jHeidi (discontinued) XoRDy's profile image XoRDy (1) 11 years ago Camtasia Screen recording 1 jHeidi (discontinued) Dr. Dave's profile image Dr. Dave (107) 11 years ago
Connections not saved in ".connectionProfiles" 1 jHeidi (discontinued) roman's profile image roman (15) 11 years ago