Unable to change data in cells

iberimage posted 9 years ago in jHeidi (discontinued)

I'm new to this so please excuse if my question is to obvious.
I installed jheidi on MacOs 10.5.6, everything is fine, I reach my database, can see the data but I am unable to make any changes. If I doubleclick on a cell it gets black and if I click holding the Apple key the cell gets white again and is activated but I can't make any changes.
Am I doing anything wrong, or is this feature not yet implemented at this stage?
(I know the possibility to use "SQL query" but I'm not familiar with that)
Thanks for any help and kind regards,

servertude posted 9 years ago

jHeidi does not currently support grid editing.
bwoodward posted 8 years ago
is there any update on this or idea when it will be implemented?

Sincerely, Ben Woodward

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