Newbie - How to create a remote connection?

djpilot posted 6 years ago in Creating a connection
Hi, I am trying to use HeidiSQL to connect to my web hosting.
I can connect using my web hosts CP and edit/create/delete my databases & tables, but haven't been able to work out how to make HeidiSQL connect.
I would apprecate some assistance.

ansgar posted 6 years ago
How did you manage to edit/create/delete a database and tables without a MySQL connection? Or did you do that with a different client than HeidiSQL?

To create a connection in HeidiSQL you set up a new session in the session dialog (starting screen). Hostname, User, Password should all be intuitive. What is unclear?
djpilot posted 6 years ago
Hi anse,
I used MyPHPAdmin through my hosting providers control panel (as mentioned in my original post) to create the database and table.

When heidisql starts, I have tried entering the IP address of my host, using my username and password, And it wont connect.
I get an error message 'SQL Error(1045): Access denied for user '.....' (using password: YES).

So, still no success unhappy
ansgar posted 6 years ago
Well the error is highly informative. Means you have probably mistyped user and/or password, or the server does not allow external connections. However, there are tons of other causes, see http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.1/en/access-denied.html .
Plasm posted 6 years ago
As anse said, most hosting provider disallow a connection from another IP than the webserver-/database-server IP.
If you like to use HeidiSQL, you can backup your tables (phpMyAdmin), manipulate them locally (HeidiSQL) and upload them afterwards (phpMyAdmin).
djpilot posted 6 years ago
Hi Anse, thanks for your comments. It's not really that informative as it could be 1 of 'tons' of causes!... But I will assume that its because the hosting provider won't allow external connections which means the only real option is to do what Plasm suggests (Thanks Plasm). I was hoping for a simple interface/application rather than a 3 step process. Maybe I am just too fussy as I don't like using web interfaces.

Regards and thanks to all.
ansgar posted 6 years ago
I'm still unsure because the error message says nothing about the fact that the server is not reachable from outside. I'm nearly sure now your user account is restricted to internal access, not the server itself. You could ask your provider to allow connections from user xyz from "%".

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