Pre-Selection of Collation

Curanai's profile image Curanai posted 13 years ago in Feature discussion Permalink
Hi again,

I love this little tricky HSQL - it's awesome!! Soooo, but in my favorite Hacking-Editor (hey, just kidding - "Notepad++") I'm able to define the kind of "new documents" - wanna say: utf-8 ftw!

So, all my databases using multibyte-chars of utf-8 - sometimes fun, sometimes crap (just say serialize() [PHP; Linux-problem-only] on TEXT-field).

But what's wrong with HSQL? Nothing -- normally, right?! I WISH (!) a pre-selection of used collation for my databases if creating a new one e. g. (or a table or a field) ...

Something simple like "only utf-8" (but all cases of it), "only latin-1" (but all cases of it) - because I never shuffle collation within one project (or database).

If I WISH (!) now something like "profiles", I'll be remote-formatted on my system, right?! *wushhhhh ... ran away* :D

Best wishes


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