Creating a connection between database and tagboard

bardovampiro posted 8 years ago in Creating a connection
Good morning to everyone.

Please, could someone help me to configure the settings in order to connect a database (provided by my hosting service) and a tagboard I would like to install on my website?

The tagboard script in php is this http://www.webstyling.it/script/php/tagboard2.php.

I've performed the following operations:
-uploaded the folder contained in the .zip file (all the files of the tagboard);
-created a new table in one of my two databases provided by my hosting service, as told in the file named "tag.sql" (opened with notepad - is the record of all required data for posting in the tagboard, i think);
- at line 10 of the file "fmysql.php",
$conn=mysql_connect("","","") i have, respectly, inserted the Host/FTP number, the username of the database, and the password to access the database;
- at line 9 and 62 of the file "tag.php" there is this line:
$conn = connessione("");
i've tried to change the content of the ("") with the Host+Username+Password, but the tagboard doesn't works, and i cannot understand why.

i'm still studing php and mysql, but at now i feel soo noob ;P

please, could someone help me to fix this connection problem?
or tell me where can i find an easy script for a personal tagboard with database?
i'm not interested in free tagboards with popups.

thank you again.
kalvaro posted 8 years ago
You don't really explain what your problem is, do you? In what way have you noticed that "it doesn't work"?

Whatever, most PHP coding issues come from hiding errors. Add this to the beginning of your script:

ini_set('display_errors', 1);

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