Multi Query Tabs

muzza4's profile image muzza4 posted 15 years ago in General Permalink
Hi Anse,

This new feature is great. Only issue so far is that I accidentally clicked close tab when trying to click a tab to its right. I had a complex query that disappeared in an instant, and is now being rewritten.

Perhaps right-click close should be the only way to close the tab (other than close Heidi).

kalvaro's profile image kalvaro posted 15 years ago Permalink
Most tabbed programs just warn about unsaved changes and ask user what to do. (Or implement an undo close tab feature.)
ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 15 years ago Permalink
Yes, definitely there should be a confirmation dialog asking if the SQL should be saved.
ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 15 years ago Permalink
Try r2583 - confirmation dialog added and filenames on tabs now.
[expired user #4041]'s profile image [expired user #4041] posted 15 years ago Permalink
Invoking the theory that you cannot please everybody I at this point step forwardsmileAny chance these changes can be made optional? Even if just by a registry flag... I loved that the query tab was just a quick scratchpad that could house a load of snippets that I could just select little bits of and then ctrl+F9... and the real code goes in whatever project I'm building or into Messenger at the person who's asked how to do something. Now they have filenames... but if I ctrl+a and start typing a new query, how do I remove that filename from the tab (specifically the first tab that can't be closed)? Maybe Ctrl+W could do that? And to keep being asked if I wanna save stuff... I never want to save stuff, it's scratchpad, with snippets you can pull in as templates and... so on... you wrote it, you know what I mean.

Apologies for being a complainy pants, but any chance of making nanny features ("are you sure? Want to phone a friend?") opt-out-able for those of us who don't accidentally click things and have command of our machines? I love software that doesn't slow me down, Heidi's always been that, plz don't change it! :-)

Much respect
muzza4's profile image muzza4 posted 15 years ago Permalink
Hi Anse,

One last wee issue...if you open a saved script in the first query tab it cannot be closed.

Perhaps the software could open saved scripts in a new query tab to avoid the issue.


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