Acces denied for (Username@root) error

Elite001 posted 8 years ago in Creating a connection
Hi there everyone,,
I have been working together with a compadre of mine for a WoW server, and he's hosting the stuff. Now the problem is, I am not allowed to acces the mysql server..
the error i get is the following:


He himself has opened the ports correctly, since that i can just enter the game on his server and etc. etc.
He also tried to connect by his work, and that succeeded, on my account. since that he changed the root of the account to all adresses and he actually permitted to join all databases. But this doesn't work for me?

Also on PhPmyAdmin i get a #1045 error for acces denied for user. Anyone can help me by sending suggestions to:
douglassfreriks@live.nl (my mail)
matrix96123@gmail.com (Hoster's mail, tell him that you mail for help)

I never check forums, so please send me a mail, or send me a mail that you posted on the forum..

ansgar posted 8 years ago
The needed port is open, you get onto the server until it says you send a wrong password. See here how to fix that.

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