HeidiSQL 7.0 released

ansgar posted 7 years ago in Anouncements
450 revisions after the 6.0 release follows the new 7.0 release of HeidiSQL now. Here are the most noticable changes since the 6.0 release:

- Basic support for Microsoft SQL Server, allowing to execute queries, edit grid data and to do a data-only export
- Introduce a separate dialog for all grid export actions, allowing to set up various options before file is created
- Threaded query execution, including a button to stop long running queries
- Enhanced completion proposal
- Grid editing support for binary primary keys
- Implement multi statements in one go for query tabs, to speed up large scripts with many single queries
- User manager: Random password proposals in dropdown menus
- User manager: Support account resource limits
- User manager: Support SSL settings
- Support pluggable authentication on MariaDB 5.2 and MySQL 5.5.7
- Indicate MariaDB and Percona Server with appropriate icons
- Support virtual columns on MariaDB
- File import dialog rewritten
- Session list now resizable instead of auto-sized
- Finally fix NULL-error for FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS in SQL export
- Support "tabs to spaces" in query editor
- Paint Windows 7 taskbutton progress bar e.g. when executing multiple queries
- Show application screen in Windows 7 Flip3D
- Fetch original SQL code in VIEW editor
- Several fixes for Wine usage
- Support BIT fields in grids and export output
- Fix window placement problems due to multi monitor setup
- Fix flicker on status bar
- Add right click option to toggle visibility of horizontal scrollbar in SQL log (this is for David)

Get it from the download page.
eRadical posted 7 years ago

I'm running HeidiSQL on Fedora 15 & 16 through wine.

With this release HeidiSQL runs on wine as it does on windows.

For some time there were some redraw issues in wine on table column names in DataGrid. Now they're gone...

Congrats Anse!
jbrooksuk posted 7 years ago
When attempting to edit a value in Grid View, Heidi crashes the MySQL server.
jfalch posted 7 years ago
operating system and version of mysql server?
messages at the end of server log, before crash ? messages from mysql server in syslog (if linux), eventlog (if windows) ?
what value caused the crash (data type of field, characters input) ? what´s the last sql entry in heidsql console panel before crash ?
fistandanbitus posted 7 years ago
"Wild bug appears!"

I have come across a little annoying bug.

This bug occurs when the little window with the possible fields for the alias closes whenever I type a dot after a table name or alias.

This little bugger wasn't on the previous version.

jbrooksuk posted 7 years ago
Sorry, I jumped to the conclusion because two of us had updated but the other of us hadn't. Turned out the database had corrupted.

All is good so far.

One thing that really annoys me is that I'm unable to close the first Query Tab. It's most annoying when I load a file into it that could do damaging things to the database. I'd like to be able to close it.
ansgar posted 7 years ago
You can doubleclick the tab or press Ctrl+W to clear that last tab.
markyork posted 7 years ago
Unable to connect to databases after updating to 7.0

I updated from 6.x (sorry, don't remember the exact version) to 7.0 and cannot connect to my saved database connections now. Startup of the program is considerably slower now and when I try to connect to one of my databases there is a long pause (approx 5 seconds) and a message box opens with this error: "SQL Error (2003): Can't connect to MySQL server on [IP address] (10060)." I AM able to connect to the same databases using MySQL Workbench on both my Mac and Windows computers.

Uninstalling, rebooting, reinstalling did nothing - the connections were still there, which I don't understand - uninstalling means getting rid of everything - at least it should...
markyork posted 7 years ago
By the way, I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate.
ansgar posted 7 years ago
Can't believe this is due to the 7.0 update. Please be more detailed, post screenshots and connection details.
markyork posted 7 years ago
Believe it!

Before replying I deleted my saved connections in HeidiSQL, uninstalled it, restarted Windows, and then reinstalled from a fresh download. Same thing.

I'd love to attach a screenshot of my settings and the error window, but I can't see how I would (no "attach image" button above this editor box).

I am running Windows 7 Ultimate within VMWare Fusion v3.3 on Mac OSX 10.7.3. I had HeidiSQL open and had been working in it. A fellow worker informed me that v7.0 was available. I downloaded and installed. Then, after restarting the program I started getting the connection issues.

I would appreciate it if you could provide detailed instructions on completely uninstalling HeidiSQL, including any registry entries, wherever the program saves connection information (obviously that information isn't removed during an uninstall), and any other files that aren't removed during an uninstall.

This is an extremely important tool.
ansgar posted 7 years ago
I highly guess you were running into some firewall issue, due to a different .exe file for which you need to open up firewall stuff.Release 6 an 7 do not make any difference here, at least if you do not use SSL or tunnel.

About the uninstall issue I will have to check that - this is probably some InnoSetup seting I was not aware of.
markyork posted 7 years ago
Yes, this is quite odd: nothing was changed in the system (by me, at least) in the short time that I downloaded, installed, and restarted the program.

Frustrating, to say the least. Since we discovered HeidiSQL several months ago, it quickly replaced all of our SQL clients! Yet, I'm the only one in the office that's run into this issue...

If there is any additional information I can provide to help resolve this, let me know - I'd like to get this resolved as soon as possible. In the meantime I have to revert to MySQL Workbench and ToadSQL for MSSQL! The horror! smile
ansgar posted 7 years ago
Well, as said, this is not something within HeidiSQL. You should definitly check firewall settings. Especially as you are running Heidi within a Windows within VMWare within MacOS. There are several network adapter settings, and even virtual adapters which need to be configured, and "firewalled". You could at least check the Windows firewall if it allows connections from the new .exe on your server ports.
markyork posted 7 years ago
Odd: works now. I just did a Windows Update first thing this morning, rebooted. Opened HeidiSQL and connected just fine!
eos posted 7 years ago
How does one upgrade form the v6 portable to the v7 portable? Presumably, If I ovewrite it, Ill lose my connection data and sql history etc.
ansgar posted 7 years ago
You need to copy the portable_settings.txt from v6 to v7 (overwrite the empty file).
eos posted 7 years ago
Wow, that was easy and works. I love this app.
Laban posted 7 years ago
Hands down the best DB editing application out there! Anse - you're the best!happyIf only I could have a tool this good for iSeries/DB2... :)
janwen posted 7 years ago
@anse In China,ctrl+space shortcuts used to active input software(we use chinese),so we can not use that shortcut(ctrl+space) to achieve autocomplete function in HeidiSQL.
Maybe customize the shortcut is a better choice for us from China.
Thanks for your hard work.

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