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autocommit should be disabled always by default 4 Feature discussion eos (40) 4 months ago
when viewing the general_log, the sql in the argument field is shown as a hex number, it should be decoded into the string! 3 General eos (40) 4 months ago
creating new DB from a database dump always fails because the constraints are in the wrong place! 1 Import/Export eos (40) 5 months ago
automatically give new "blank query tabs" focus. 0 Feature discussion eos (40) 1 year ago
heidi sql cant see any new transactions? 6 General eos (40) 2 years ago
[Feature Request] sharing session data between pcs 4 Feature discussion eos (40) 2 years ago
Bind parameters broken in 9.3? 43 General eos (40) 3 years ago
Bug: default value incorrectly shown as b'' for actual values of b'0' and b'1' 0 General eos (40) 3 years ago
how to view long text output. 1 General eos (40) 3 years ago
Not seeing changes after connection on replicated mysql db 1 General eos (40) 4 years ago
Lost the result output window! 15 General eos (40) 6 years ago
launches in a non existant screen. 4 General eos (40) 6 years ago