Lost the result output window!

eos posted 6 years ago in General
When I run some sql, usually you get a nice grid of data back.
Now when I run any sql, there is no output or output window.

I tried the following:
1) updating to the latest vers
2) maximising/minimising
3) moving to a different monitor.
4) closing opening app.

At the very bottom, I can see it says:

/* Affected rows: 0 Found rows: 1,315 Warnings: 0 Duration for 1 query: 0.078 sec. (+ 1.716 sec. network) */

So the sql is working and returning rows, just no way to see them all of a sudden.
eos posted 6 years ago
Forgot to say, even though I cant "see" any output rows, If I go to the tools menu at the top and hit "export grid rows" it saves the data.

So every query I run, I have to save the results to a file, then open the file in excel.
eos posted 6 years ago
I also notice that the slider bar for the SQL window goes off the bottom, i.e. I cant actually scroll down to see the end of a multi-page sql. The scroll bar extends below the window, if you see what I mean.

Yesterday it was all god.

Today broken.

I have done nothing (honest).

The only thing that I can think of is I was using a higher resolution monitor yesterday than today, but I have switched between them many times in the past with no issue.
jfalch posted 6 years ago
this is the by-now-famous "results pane made invisible" problem, ie the height of the results pane has become zero (or negative?). attempt to drag at the lower edge of the sql pane; if you are lucky, the results pane will reappear. if not, ask anse for some registry magic to make the pane appear.
ansgar posted 6 years ago
Hehe, yes...

Here's the hack:
1. exit all heidisql.exe instances
2. run regedit.exe
3. navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\HeidiSQL\
4. delete value "querymemoheight"
5. restart heidi to see it
eos posted 6 years ago
Thanks for the reply!

Unfortunately, im running heidiSQL in portable mode as my super fast machine has been turned into a 286 with all the installs/drivers. So there is no entry for HeidiSQL under Software.

Is there an equiv. fix for portable that you know of?
eos posted 6 years ago
I have a workaround, I connected a high -resolution monitor, and I was able to rescue the window and drag it backup. Now when I go back to a normal resolution monitor, I can see the output window.
ansgar posted 6 years ago
r4111 should heal that behaviour finally, by auto-resizing components to a height which allows the grid to be displayed at least for a minimum of 20 pixels.
jfalch posted 6 years ago
;D !
norris1 posted 6 years ago
Hi. I'm using nightly version and still not seeing the query log at the bottom that is missing since last update :\
norris1 posted 6 years ago
fixed manualy by changing sqloutheight property from 0 to 80 in
- regedit.exe
lol. Hope you fix it somehow in next update
ansgar posted 6 years ago
r4111 fixes only the upper query editor when it is about to be hidden. The SQL log can of course be also affected, I'll check if I can fix that in the same method.
Mike15739 posted 6 years ago
I am getting the same problem even after I use all the steps mentioned above. I have no more log file to let me know what has been run or what I have run in sql code. I am currently using r7.0.0.4112 and still getting the same problem even after I uninstall and reinstall. Could someone please help?
ansgar posted 6 years ago
It should definitly help to delete the "sqloutheight" value *after* exiting all running heidisql.exe instances.

Also, as said, I'll go and add a fix for that old problem very soon.
Mike15739 posted 6 years ago
Thanks that worked
ansgar posted 6 years ago
So, r4114 aims to auto-fix the zero-height of the SQL log, each time you start heidisql.exe.

"by-now-famous" ... ts! :)

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