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HeidiSQL on mac (again)

eos's profile image eos posted 10 months ago in Feature discussion

Having used, and donated to, Heidi sql on Windows for years, and now being forced by my company to use a mac, I have spent the last 6 months trying to find a usable mac alternative. Toad on Mac is slow, bug ridden with many critical features missing, and terrible UI. MySQL workbench is missing critical features, and its schema browser is seriously deficient. I also tried Sequel pro and RazorSQL, sequel pro would not even run, and Razor SQL has a "my first UI" and feature set from the 80's. I am pretty shocked at the lack of a usable SQL tool for developers and sysadmins on the Mac.

I see one or two people have suggested running heidisql on the mac with Wine. Is this stable?

Is it worth resurrecting jHeidi for the mac at least? I suspect it beats Toad/Razor/pro out of the box. I wonder if we could make it a commercial venture, given the lack of competition.

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