Defining Auro-Increment for Primary keys (and other fields?)

johnain posted 8 years ago in General
I am a new boy and I am astonished at how comprehensive and useable Heidi is. I also appreciate that it is still under development. But After PhpMyAdmin and other tools it is like emerging from a swamp. happy

because I am new I an not always confident that I know when I find an issue whether it is an unavailable feature, a bug, or just me being a little slow!

I worked out the F2 for the Key type. But I am lost as to how to define Auto Increment. I stusk a 1 in the Auto-increment box in options, but that doesn't seem to apply to the Primary key, because when I did an export that field was not set to AutoIncrement in the Create SQL. Neither was their an AUTO INCREMENT=n in the final section of the CREATE statement.

Also, can I apply AutoIncrement to other columns? Not Neccessarily key ones? If so, how? (I'm not a MySQL genius?)

Is it me? Or do I need to export, update the SQL and then Re-import?
johnain posted 8 years ago
Hi again
I found the answer, thanks - so need for a response. In case anybody else is struggling it's in the defaults column.
rosenfield posted 8 years ago
cool, thanks for the update

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