New feature request - drag and drop columns

darkdiablo posted 6 years ago in Feature discussion

firstly good job on software, pls add oracle :)

To feature request - is it possible to add drag and drop columns to query from result set?

Request in detail - i execute select * from and then i would like to drag and drop column name to select. That column name is from result set in bottom.

Is this request valid?


ansgar posted 6 years ago
Well you can already drag'n drop column names from the tree node "Columns from..." at the right panel, besides the query editor. Altough that node is bound to the table which is currently selected I think that's mostly what you might have in mind.
darkdiablo posted 6 years ago
I see,

didnt know about that.
Works great.

drop the request :)

Heidi FTW.
But please add oracle support in future.

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