Feature request : Column mode edition

oxman posted 6 years ago in Feature discussion

Could you add a "column mode" edition ?
For example : I can't select only few rows of a column or a full column for a quick copy/paste

An other example, a "column mode edit", in a file I have many lines like that :

I select all the lines and copy them to my clipboard, i want be able to select a cell in heidisql paste my clipboard on it and the result will be this one :
previous :
id / name
1 / test1
2 / test2
3 / test3
after :
1 / a
2 / b
3 / c

This allow easy/quick edit of data in a column mode way.
ansgar posted 6 years ago
I guess you know that HeidiSQL has a "Export grid rows" dialog? You could now deselect all unwanted columns so the grid only contains the columns you need for copying. Then, right click the grid and use "Export grid rows" to get what you want.

That dialog could also have such radio buttons:
( ) Selected column (name)
(*) All displayed columns
oxman posted 6 years ago
I know.
But its not as fast as cell/column mode.
Imagine a behavior with shift+ctrl which allow you to select each cell or column you want and copy them to clipboard, it's very nice.
ansgar posted 6 years ago
Well, it's one click more - I think the dialog is much more powerful and gathers different copy/paste/export features in one simple window. Also, such a column mode would be just one additional radio button. I'm against extending the already overcrowded context menus.
oxman posted 6 years ago
I said "shift+click" to select cell/column, not to add item or context menu. Its like "vertical column" edition in text editor.

It allow to easy select column AND edit them.
Let me show you that with picture :

Or select 10/20 cells like that :
And paste clipboard on this cells to all change them according to my previous post.

For example dbForge can allow all of these operations :)
ansgar posted 6 years ago
Got that. Only I think dragging a rectangle selection does only work with full row selection in VirtualTree. Let me check that.

If that's not supported - what's wrong with extending the grid export dialog? As far as I understand you want to be able to copy column values from let's say 10 rows. That's doable if the dialog gets extended with such a "Selected column" radio button.
oxman posted 6 years ago
Because the main interest of this feature is to edit not to export :)
ansgar posted 6 years ago
Please explain that, how do you plan to edit multiple values in one go?
oxman posted 6 years ago
Like I said in my first post.
You copy a multi line data (from a notepad or something else) then when you paste it on a cell, each line from clipboard is on the next cell (like Excel)
ansgar posted 6 years ago
Understand. VirtualTree does not offer such a multi line editing feature, so I guess it's all hopeless. But honestly, how often do you do such things?
oxman posted 6 years ago
Not often, but when I need it, its very usefull :)
With this feature I can doing bulk edit 1000 rows very easily without any script.

Why can't you handle this feature without multi line editing feature ?
Cell B23 selected.
You detect the paste behavior on this cell, check if the paste is a multi line paste. Then, you can edit the B23 with the first line of the paste, then edit the B24 with the second line of the past, etc.

Maybe you can't detect the paste behavior ?
ansgar posted 6 years ago
You assume that a carriage return and/or linefeed in the clipboard is a valid signal for detecting a multi line paste?
oxman posted 6 years ago
Yes, the other software use that :)
ansgar posted 6 years ago
That's a very bad argumentsmileI know of quite a few tables residing on my servers containing line feeds in varchar/text fields.
oxman posted 6 years ago
Bad or not, add a shortcut to this special paste, this should not be the default behavior for any case :)
ansgar posted 6 years ago
Well, why not. Requires a new menu item, which I wanted to avoid but if that lives in the main menu "Edit", this is at least enough away from the most used context menu of the grids.

Could you please file a bug report stating the above idea again? Thanks.
oxman posted 6 years ago
Yes of course :)
Thanks !

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