Autoselect input on Date and Time fields

heidihey posted 6 years ago in Feature discussion
I almost always use Heidi for editing and input data into the database. Now I created a simple table "working time", where I have 7 columns id, date, coming time, going time, working hours amount, worktype and notes - in this direction.
So when I type the data in, I press "Enter" and can start editing. There is very good function to edit the date and time, so I don't need to type colons, dots etc., just type the digits - that's great! It would be a little smarter, when the cursor would be automatically placed at very first place or the whole preinserted value would be selected.

But there is another small mistake, that needs some surgery: In the time-column there are as much places for digits as in the date-column. This is how it looks like date: 2012-03-21 time: --14:20:00. "-" means whitespaces. So I think it's just a mistake. That's all

ansgar posted 6 years ago
You can activate Tools > Preferences > Data > "Prefill empty date/time fields...", so you get the current date when it's empty. But I guess that's not what you mean, as you're talking about the cursor position. That cursor position is stored when you leave a date cell and restored when you enter a date field. Try it out.
heidihey posted 6 years ago
Thank you anse!
The feature is already activated. Is the cursor position stored trough the table, even I begin a new row? If so, maybe you can add an option whether to store the position or always begin from very first place or to select all - that would be fine.

About the time input field: I meant that the first place of the field is a double whitespace, so the the digits count for hour is 4, it should be 2, so when I press home-button the cursor jumps on a white space.

I just have Delphi 7 and the source-code looks a little bit trivial, so I can't pass a snippet to you right now. If I have more time, I'll tell you what I mean.


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