not displaying all records in 'data' view of a table

kjubn posted 5 years ago in General
so basically here's the deal:

i have a table with users and there are multiple fields on it: user_id, email, register_time, etc

email is used as a login in the system which i'm running. sometimes my application is creating a fake email, like emachines@company.com2 <- with "2" at the end. it automatically adds the user to the database.

there was no problem until yesterday. i din't change any settings or whatever, i also made sure that filtering is cleared out. from yesterday, none of the newly added users with 'fake' email are displayed - for example user with email like 'EMACHINE_emachines@xxxxxxxx.com5'. this user actually exists in the table, since it's visible when i'm checking the table through phpmyadmin. it's just not visible in the "Data" view in HeidiSQL when i browse the table.

to make things more interesting, when i'm creating a filter like 'email like 'EMACHINE%' - the result of the filtre is displayed correctly!

also, when i make the query 'select * from user' - the user is visible.

that's why i'd like to ask for some advices. what should i do to be able to see the user in 'Data' view of the table? did someone have similiar problem? maybe there's something i'm doing wrong (but, as i said, everything was cool until yesterday, and i didn't change anything in the app or make any updates)

my version of heidi is compiled on august 2nd 2012. please let me know if any additional data is needed to resolve this.

ansgar posted 5 years ago
I guess you got a lot more rows into that table since yesterday, and now you see only the first 1000 rows as it's automatically limited? Watch out for the buttons on the upper right "Show next" and "Show all". Or, just scroll down with your PageDown key which, when you reach the 1000s row, fetches the next 1000 automatically.
kjubn posted 5 years ago
i'm afraid it's not the case. i have a sorting defined in this view - it's on user_id desc. just for the record, all the new account i'm talking about have a proper user_id - for example 11661. users with valid email addresses are visible, and those with fake are not - so in the 'data' view i have ids 11658 and 11662, but not 11659-61 which were added with fake email.

i can provide some screenshots if that's necessary. it's simply an interesting case that i though you as a programmer might want to look at.

to make things even stranger, one time i refreshed the view i saw a user with fake email. i was like - hell yeah, it's working again! then another user was added and not only was it not visible, the previous user also disappeared.

i will try to reinstall the application later and erase all registry keys and saved settings. will let you know if it changed anything.
ansgar posted 5 years ago
Reinstalling won't change that I guess. You could send by screeny what you mean, and probably a SQL dump of that table.

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