Cannot use 'Data View' on large tables

patrickgrantham posted 5 years ago in General
Folks, When click the data tab on tables that have a large number of records 20,000 + Heidi SQL hangs and then does the 'Not Responding' thing that windows programs do..!

This has only started happeing since updading the dedicated server to CentOS6 64bit / MySQL version 5.5.28
All existing databases where backed up and restored without any issues.
Is there a setting or configuration changes that I need to look at on the MySQL server as I do not believe it is a problem with Heidi SQL?
This was never an issue before and I could view tables with 50,000 + records.
patrickgrantham posted 5 years ago
Forgot to mention... I have a MySQL server running on my local (internal) network that has a copy of all the database running on the dedicated server and HeidiSQL has no issues when viewing the data n this server. This is what makes me think it's a MySQL config thing on the dedicated server.
Thanks for any help you can provide


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