Synchronizing Two Databases

fbachofner posted 4 years ago in Feature discussion
Your competitor SQLYog has a very cool feature which allows for synchronization of MySQL databases (on the same server or across servers: a complete database, certain tables, certain records, etc.; one-way, both-ways . . . more). [See "Database Synchronization Wizard" on the Powertools menu]

Even better, it allows for scheduling such jobs using the Windows Task Scheduler.

It is a great way of backing up databases and/or providing "replication" without getting into the task of actually replicating databases the "MySQL way" (which, I suppose may intimidate some people -- or is simply unavailable due to MySQL server permission constraints).

If there is one additional feature which could be added into HeidiSQL, it would be something like this that I would like to see.

Closely related, SQLYog also has a "Schema Synchronization Tool."

Is there a chance of adding either functionality?

If such feature requests are not generally on your "radar," can we set up a Kickstarter campaign or some sort of "bounty" to make it more interesting for you to consider?
ansgar posted 4 years ago
This is issue #1289, the most wanted feature by many users. Indeed I started to implement such a dialog some time ago, before I was frustrated by the high complexity of comparing rows, columns, providing them as checkboxes in a dialog and so on.

What most people don't realize is, the SQL export already can do something very close to such a synchronization. Well, you cannot schedule these, and they have a one-way-style. But this is what most people need. If you want to schedule, I would always recommend using mysqldump.exe to export from a server and mysql.exe to read into another server/database. Such commandlines can easily be scheduled by the Windows task planner, and the binaries from MySQL are rock stable.

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