[Bug Report] - Access violation at address 0000000000BEDD52

demonslord posted 4 years ago in General
Access vialotion occurs after start of app (after update to .4719).

date/time          : 2014-03-06, 12:21:09, 224ms
computer name      : ALEXANDRE
user name          : alexandre.bulei <admin>
registered owner   : Alexandre
operating system   : Windows 7 x64 Service Pack 1 build 7601
system language    : Portuguese
system up time     : 3 hours 19 minutes
program up time    : 7 seconds
processors         : 2x Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E8400 @ 3.00GHz
physical memory    : 860/4095 MB (free/total)
free disk space    : (C:) 90,82 GB
display mode       : 1680x1050, 32 bit
process id         : $1254
allocated memory   : 51,16 MB
largest free block : 8185,53 GB
executable         : heidisql.exe
exec. date/time    : 2014-03-06 12:20
version            :
compiled with      : Delphi XE5
madExcept version  :
callstack crc      : $3f8d11c2, $ae0c7709, $ae0c7709
exception number   : 1
exception class    : EAccessViolation
exception message  : Access violation at address 0000000000BEDD52 in module 'heidisql.exe'. Read of address 00000000000004C8.
main thread ($1588):
00bedd52 heidisql.exe Main            1299  +3 TMainForm.actGridEditFunctionExecute
005d8f00 heidisql.exe System.Classes           TBasicAction.Execute
00664283 heidisql.exe Vcl.ActnList             TCustomAction.Execute
00619b97 heidisql.exe System.Actions           TContainedAction.HandleShortCut
00663f34 heidisql.exe Vcl.ActnList             TCustomActionList.IsShortCut
0080c18b heidisql.exe Vcl.Forms                DispatchShortCut
0080c24b heidisql.exe Vcl.Forms                TCustomForm.IsShortCut
0069e3a1 heidisql.exe Vcl.Controls             TWinControl.IsMenuKey
0069e408 heidisql.exe Vcl.Controls             TWinControl.CNKeyDown
0040ca5e heidisql.exe System                   TObject.Dispatch
00693273 heidisql.exe Vcl.Controls             TControl.WndProc
0069a93e heidisql.exe Vcl.Controls             TWinControl.WndProc
008d7d9b heidisql.exe VirtualTrees   27144 +32 TBaseVirtualTree.WndProc
00699b7a heidisql.exe Vcl.Controls             TWinControl.MainWndProc
005da4b3 heidisql.exe System.Classes           StdWndProc
76786ba8 USER32.dll                            SendMessageW
008129e3 heidisql.exe Vcl.Forms                TApplication.IsKeyMsg
00812d67 heidisql.exe Vcl.Forms                TApplication.ProcessMessage
00812e03 heidisql.exe Vcl.Forms                TApplication.HandleMessage
008132ef heidisql.exe Vcl.Forms                TApplication.Run
00c4630e heidisql.exe heidisql          76 +23 initialization
7688652b kernel32.dll                          BaseThreadInitThunk

Best Regards.
ansgar posted 4 years ago
Let me guess, that you pressed Ctrl+F2 immediately when HeidiSQL started, right? That shortcut triggers the "Insert special value" > "SQL function" in the data grid. The action should be disabled by default, so you cannot accidentally trigger it when HeidiSQL is not yet ready or the data grid is not active.
demonslord posted 4 years ago
Hi ansgar,
I didn't press, only open after update :)

Best Regards.
ansgar posted 4 years ago
Done in r4720
ansgar posted 4 years ago
However, should not happen again. Otherwise, please shout.
demonslord posted 4 years ago

I am glad to help you wink

Best Regards.

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