Wrong generated select query, for colum of type XML (Microsoft SQL Server connector)

paolo.sanchi posted 3 years ago in General
I'm connecting to a MS SQL Server, and I a table with some column of type XML (the content is textual, but big).
When I click the "Data" tab, the generated select query part for the column looks like this:
LEFT(CAST("column1" AS NVARCHAR(256)), 256),

If the content of the cell is more than 256 the cast fails, and I get the error:
"Target string size is too small to represent the XML instance".
If I replace the first 256 with max, like this, the query works:
LEFT(CAST("column1" AS NVARCHAR(max)), 256),

if you need more details, please, reply :)
paolo.sanchi posted 3 years ago
sorry, I found the issue tracker just right now.. I will open an issue

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